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You can see a complete list of my patterns on the patterns page at the right, or return to MY NEW WEBSITE to see a thorough description and views of the finished product. You can purchase individual patterns at my web site by email. If you’re interested in purchasing wholesale patterns, send me a message through the contact page above.

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Barbee Designs upgrades to new website!

Welcome to the new Barbee Designs website!  There are many patterns to choose from and you are welcome to send me an email to order a new pattern or just give me some feedback about my new web design.  Soon to come, a new mailing address!

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I  have added anotther new pattern.  Pockets-A-Plenty Mini Purses.    The 12″ x 9″ two strap purse is a smaller version of the original purse/tote pattern.   The 12″ x 9″  mini one strap water-bottle purse is a smaller version of the original Water-bottle  purse.   Two purses in one pattern.  Check it out.

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